We Specialize in Custom Plastics Liners for all Markets!!!!
Recreational / Decorative
Oil & Gas
Industrial & Municipal
- Irrigation canals and Ponds
- Livestock Waste Lagoon Liners & Covers
- Grain Storage Covers
- Any Aquaculture Facility
- Fish Hatcheries, Shrimp Ponds,                 
- Raceways
- Golf Course Ponds & Lakes
- Athletic Fields
- Decorative Ponds
- Pit Liners, Frac Liners, Reserve Pits
   Secondary Containment
   Water Pits
   Rig Pad Liners
   Floating Covers
- Leach Pads
- Solution Trenches
- Solution and Evaporation Ponds
- Settling Tanks
- Primary & Secondary Containment
- Landfill Liners & Covers
- Tanks Rings
- Potable Water - Reservoirs, dams
- Tank Liners
- Hazmat Containment
- Decontamination & Remediation Pads
- Waste Water Treatment Plants
Our Products insure the best quality seal when using this machine. With a nearly
invisible seam and a fluid proof seal you can be assured that your product will be
made to its highest quality.

Radio Frequency Welding (RFW)

Radio Frequency Welding (RFW) is the process of fusing material together by
applying radio frequency energy to the areas to be joined together. The result is a
seamless area that makes a stronger bond than the original material. The process
is also known as Dielectric Welding, Dielectric Sealing or High Frequency Welding
We manufacture any size needed for any project.
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