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Why are/is rolling shutters necessary in today's world?

Rolling Window shutters have been popular in Europe and among the hurricane-prone
regions of the United States for many years. Now, with more concern about security, energy
savings, tornado protection and privacy with todays's smaller lots, thare are becoming very
popular throughout the United States.

Rolling Shutters are custom fit and installed on the outside of your home or business. The
shutters are opened from the inside with a manual or electric opening mechanism. Slat
material is made of aluminum and run in tracks mounted on the side of your openings and
come in a variety of neutral colors.

The product that we offer has been evaluated for compliance with the wind loads specified in
International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC).

* Meets TDI Standards

Benefits of Exterior Rolling Shutters

- Security
- Noise Control
- Privacy
- Sun Protestion
- Energy Conservation
- Storm Protection
Colors Available:
Foam Filled Aluminum
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