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Every room has a
personality. And the right
lighting can bring that
personality to life. From
the purity of soft, bright
white to the privacy of
deep, soothing darkness,
you’ll discover a full
range of colors, textures
and opacities that will
give every room a life of
its own.
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Your style is an
extension of you. And it
should be highlighted
whenever possible. By
utilizing the decorative
colors and unique
textures of Sunbrella®
fabrics for your window
shades, you’ll not only
create sophisticated,
classic beauty, you’ll
also create a look that
will please the toughest
critic of all. You.
It’s where you can go
from invigorating
energy to dreamy
relaxation to complete
serenity in a matter of
seconds. Because you
have control over the
amount of light that
enters the room.
Complete control. Day
or night, these timeless
styles and thoughtful
designs will enhance
any room.
Sometimes, you need
darkness. Total.
Complete. Darkness. Be
it for sleeping, home
theater applications or
corporate presentations,
the light you need may
be no light at all. That’s
why our stylish Blackout
fabrics are specifically
designed to provide total
light blockage while
enhancing the look, and
privacy, of any room.
PMW Manufacturing LLC
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